Should We Choose a Kitten or a Puppy?

So you are taking a decision on either a kitten or a puppy. Prior to choosing, it is very important to look over the different characteristics, personality, physical attributes, care requirements and time. The physical attributes of kittens and puppies are hearing, sight, coat, eye color, smell, personality and temperature control.

We visited a veterinarian clinic in Weddington, which is by our home to learn more about the differences between puppies and kittens, but ultimately, which one really depends on your personality.

Puppies are color blind in which they can’t see green and red. They have 16 to hertz range of hearing which is far better than a human being. They can be born with specific hair color markings and eye color; however they could change when they grow older. Usually, they have blue eyes which change to brown as they grow up to be an adult.

They shortly develop temperature control. If the puppies are hot they can perspire in their paws, and they want to cool off. Usually, there are two kinds of personalities. Equally to a human being, there is the active, busy as well as self-centered sort. The other sort as you can think is the laid back forgiving form. They need a set schedule for easing themselves and fed two times a day. They need that their caregiver or owner always be around giving need. Puppies require time.

Kittens, on the other hand, are born sightless and cannot see clearly and do not have a functioning or clear eyesight until the 35th day. They are color blind and can’t regulate body heat until they are seven weeks old. Kittens hearing is totally developed at four weeks and sense of smell is refined by three weeks, however, compared to puppies that have 220 million of smell-sensitive cells, kitten only have 67 million. This aspect, puppy wins out. Kitten eye coloring could alter as they grow older; however, this is in the initial couple of weeks. The color of their eyes stays the same as they become an adult. Kittens are very energetic. This is a sign that kitten is fit and well. They require physical activity as well as enough space to develop properly. They need physical touch for warmth and to establish a hierarchy in the family. The more you intermingle with your kitten the more you’ll have a happy and active member of your family. After they have been developed to work on its own, you might leave it for longer hours with only a litter box, foods, as well as water, not like dogs or puppies.

To sum up, after comparing the personality, care requirements, physical attributes as well as time in this hectic and busy lifestyle the clear and the best choice is to get a kitten instead of a puppy. We all know that puppies and kittens are adorable, loveable as well as cute as they are small and young; on the other hand, the time factor alone decided which kittens are far better than puppies. Still, it is all up to you to decide which one you should get. This article will just serve as your guide on choosing the best pet. The choice is still yours.

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