Facts To Know About Buying an Above Ground Pool

Thinking about buying an above ground pool?  Go for it I say!

If you have a family and want to keep them entertained all summer long in the comfort of your backyard, an above ground swimming pool will be a great addition.

Now, inground or fiberglass pool are better, but they also cost about 15 times what an above ground pool costs.  They also take up a lot more space, so if you have a smaller backyard, along with your budget, an above ground pool is a great choice.

Here are some of my tips when it comes to buying an above ground pool, from personal experience.

Decide how big you need the pool to be

The size really depends on your guard and what use it will get.  If you have a large family, then a bigger pool will be needed.  A 21″ round pool is a great size for a family pool.  It’s big enough for lots of people to be in it at the same time and big enough to play some fun games.  If you have a smaller yard, then 18′ is a good size.  I would get a round over oval sized pool, it’s less expensive and easier to clean.  An oval pool is also harder to stabilize as it has uneven sides, so sometimes you will need a buttress system to support it.

Decide on how long you will have your pool

If this is going to be a long term, 10+ year purchase, then I would go for an aluminum or composite type pool.  They will last longer and resist rust longer than a steel pool.  They are also more dent resistant.

If you only plan on having the pool for a few years until you upgrade to a fiberglass pool, then go with steel.  It’s a lot cheaper and you’ll be getting rid of it long before it shows signs of rusting.  The only downside is that a steel pool is heavy, so it’s harder to put together.

Decide on your accessories

If you live up north or have a shaded backyard, you may be springing for a pool heater, which will run you about $600-1200 bucks.  You’ll also need a pool cleaner, a pump and lots of chemicals.  Your accessories to get the pool up and running will go for about $1200 – $2000, depending if you get the heater or not.  We purchased our pool from a pool supply store in Ottawa and had everything shipped to us online.  Yes, you can order a complete pool online, it’s actually not that hard to put together.

Whatever you decide to do for your above ground pool, you’re going to have a blast all summer long and be happy that you made the purchase.  Yes, it’s not cheap to run and maintain a pool, but it’s cheaper than going on a vacation.

Facts about buying pool

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