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Rio's Brazilian Malagueta sauces are inspired by the traditional Malagueta used throughout Brazil. Discovered by the Portuguese over 500 years ago, the malagueta pepper was named so because the word "malagueta" meant "spicy." A close cousin of the serrano, the malagueta pepper is a small green and red chile that packs a powerful bite.


Great taste, quickly:

Adding Rios Malagueta sauces to simple ingredients creates a flavorful meal quickly and economically. Check out our recipe ideas, or add your own!


Rios Malagueta sauces have no preservatives and are kept refrigerated, resulting in a full-flavored, fresh sauce.

Starts sweet, then bites!

Rios Malagueta sauces bring a spicy-tropical dynamic to foods by blending exotic fruit flavors, fresh ingredients and spicy peppers. No other sauce has the temperament of a girl from Ipanema!




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