6 Steps to a Clearer, Stronger Digital TV Reception

There is nothing more frustrating than getting choppy images and audio when you are watching a live event on TV. You are actually better off not watching it at all.

Such situation is usually due to weak TV signal or reception. This is a common issue for folks who live in distant locations surrounded by different kinds of obstructions.

You do not have to settle for such an unsatisfying TV-watching experience. Something can be done to achieve a clearer, stronger digital TV reception. You may want to tinker with the settings of your TV first just to make sure that it is tuned correctly.

If the appliance is not the issue, the problem is definitely with the reception setup. This can a tad tricky to fix but if you want to give it a go, you can follow the procedure below.

Listed here are the steps to guide you. Follow these and, in no time, you will get the kind of TV-watching experience you have always wanted.

Step 1: Get an antenna

An antenna is like the fishing rod you use to catch aerial signals. You can easily get one from your local appliance stores or even purchase one online.

Step 2: Find the perfect location for your antenna

This step is something that you can interchange with the first one. Some people prefer to make this the first step to knowing what kind of antenna they truly need to pick up the channels they want to watch.

But a lot of folks are inclined to just choose the most powerful antenna offered on the market, so they are fine to find the ideal location for installation as the second step.

You can identify an ideal location for antenna installation by calculating the distance between your area and the broadcast towers. There are websites that offer information on this and you can check them out to effectively determine where you should install and direct your antenna.

Step 3: Clear out the location for antenna installation

Make sure that there are no obstructions around your place such as overgrown vegetation.

Digital signals fluctuate due to interference. You can lower the likelihood of this occurrence if the site of antenna installation is cleared of any kind of obstruction.

Step 4: Go high for installation to ensure the best reception

The foolproof way to ensure reliable reception is to install the antenna up on high as there are likely to be fewer obstructions around. And, while you are setting up the antenna, experiment with different placements. This will help determine which antenna position provides the clearest images and sound quality.

However, steer clear of power lines and check government regulations for mast heights if you are installing the antenna way above your roofline.

Step 5: Use an antenna amplifier

A TV signal booster or amplifier is particularly important if you live 50 miles or farther away from the broadcast towers.

Most antennas have an amplifier built in. But, to get the amplifier to work truly well, it is important to tune it properly. Antenna installers recommend amplifying to around 14db. This is deemed just right in boosting or amplifying the signal to fix the reception problem.

Step 6: Check all connecting wires

Secure all the cables in place and make sure that everything is connected tightly. Dangling cables are not only unsightly; they can cause accidents that can lead to both injuries and bad TV reception again.

Relax, watch your favorite movie

The above steps should be enough to guide you in installing a digital TV antenna for a clear reception so you can finally enjoy TV watching.

However, if you are not a DIY specialist or you simply want your digital TV reception fixed as quickly as possible, just hire a professional antenna installation service for the job.

They are totally equipped to do it, plus, they have tried and tested methods for successful antenna installation (and more!) in much less time.

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