How to Select the Right Paving Contractor for Your Driveway

Hiring the right paving contractor is vital in ensuring that your driveway project stays within budget, finishes on time and looks exactly as planned.

Finding the right one all boils down to how much effort you place in research. With so many paving contractors on the market, having prior knowledge goes a long way when hiring a professional service of any kind.

The tips below will serve as your guide in selecting the perfect asphalt paving contractor for your kind of driveway.

1. Know what kind of driveway you want

Your driveway preference will dictate which paving contractor you’ll hire.

For instance, if you want a sturdy driveway since it will be subject to a lot of heavy vehicles, then you’ll need a full-depth asphalt application. You have to decide first on the purpose of your driveway then make it the basis for selecting your contractor.

2. Look for several options, then narrow down your choices

Search for a paving contractor that has enough experience working in your area; as much as possible, someone who has already worked in your neighborhood. This way, the contractor will have a better understanding of the soil in your area and prepare accordingly for the excavation.

List down reputable paving contractors based on recommendations from your neighbors or someone you trust. This way, you can narrow down your search and avoid ending up with an untrustworthy contractor with bad service.

3. Get a consultation

A good paving contractor will offer you a free consultation.

You can also invite them to visit your property and inspect your driveway to come up with a comprehensive quote.

A consultation is a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions to assess the contractor’s experience, knowledge and skills.

Your questions should include the following:

  • Do you have a license and insurance?
  • How long will the driveway paving project take?
  • Will there be extra costs throughout the project?
  • What paving equipment do you use?
  • How many people will be working on the driveway?
  • What permits will be necessary?
  • What processes will take place before pouring the concrete?
  • How can you prevent the driveway from cracking?

After you get the answers to your questions, compare the responses from the different contractors you have on your list. This will help eliminate those that don’t suit your paving needs.

4. Cross check quotes from different contractors

Prices vary among contractors. However, keep in mind that inexpensive quotes don’t always mean quality service (and vice versa). Settle for a reasonably priced paving contractor that will give you exactly what you want for your driveway.

Cross check prices with other contractors to get a good picture of the benchmark price in the industry. This will help you hire the best contractor for the job at a standard price. Verify the price with your neighbors, friends or family members to ensure that what you’ll be paying for will reflect the quality of work you expect.

No down payments

Unless your driveway project is huge, you shouldn’t have to pay for a down payment. Depositing money with a contractor puts you at risk of funds misuse.

There are contractors who use down payments to finish paving other pending projects. This is not to say that pavers are unscrupulous; but a professional contractor won’t require a down payment unless the project scale entails it.

5. Sign a contract

Once you have a contractor in mind that clearly stands out from the rest, you’re finally ready to hire and sign a contract.

It’s important to have a contract between you and the contractor as this will protect your rights as a client and, at the same time, delimit the tasks the contractor will be required to undertake. Read the contract carefully and make sure it includes specific and technical aspects of the project such as the cost, materials and schedule.

Discuss the drainage system

Before your chosen contractor can start working, discuss the functionality of the drainage system with them. The drainage system should continue to work in spite of the ongoing driveway construction.

This is an important factor to consider as this may affect your neighborhood.

Factor in the drying time

Even if there’s a deadline set in the contract for the work to be complete, you can’t still use your driveway for at least seven days or a week after the work is finished.

Most paving contractors recommend at least 2-4 weeks of drying time to secure the longevity and strength of the driveway. If you have plans for your driveway, factor in the project deadline by adding several weeks to the completion date.

Think of your driveway paving project as a good investment.

Beyond the price, focus on finding the right paving contractor that can construct a driveway which will last you many years of service. And to boost your curb appeal, consider hiring a landscaping service to revamp your outdoors and complement the look of your brand new driveway.



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