How To Sell Your Phone Online And Support Charity

We all have old cell phones laying around.  With the innovations in cell phone technology and features keeps us updating our cell phones on average about once every 18 month.

That’s a lot of phone turnover.

Most of us either give the phone away, stick it in a drawer or worse yet, trade it in to the cell phone carriers for a fraction of what they purchased it for, giving the cell carriers a second chance to rip people off by selling the phone again.

If you ever want to sell your old cell phone, do not sell it to the cell carriers, they will totally rip you off.

Your best bet is to sell your used cell phone to an independent cell phone buy back service who will pay you way more than the cell carriers will.

I have an even better option for you.

How would you like to sell your used cell phone online for more money than the cell carriers would pay and also support animals in need?

Check out typically pays about 30% more for your old phone than the cell carriers will pay.  They also donate a proceed of the resale of your phone to help support no-kill animal shelters.

It’s a win-win for you and the animals you are supporting.

When you sell your used phone to they will typically pay you within 3 days of reviewing your phone and also pay for shipping so there are no out of pocket costs for you to sell your used phone online.

They will buy phones from any brand and condition.  iPhones are the most popular with Samsung and Google also filling up the top 3 slots in phone popularity.  But they will also buy other brands and models and offer an instant online quote for your used cell phone.

Check out and get your free phone quote instantly and help animals in need along the way.  It’s a win-win for everyone. Think of the amazing pets you’ll help save!

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