What do you look for in a dentist?

When you’re looking for a dental practice, you may not have a very long wishlist, but finding the correct match might not be as easy as swiping right or left like on a dating site. In fact, you may simply look for a recommendation on a search engine and go with the top result. While this may be a fruitful method, having more discerning criteria of what you’re looking for in a dentist is perhaps a better method.


What should I be considering?

If you want to find your match, there are several things to consider. Firstly, location, location, location! If you want a dentist Harley Street, for example, then you should narrow your search to this area. Consider whether or not the practice has parking or if it is near local transport routes. You may also wish to consider whether or not it’s close to home or your workplace, depending on when you would be visiting the dentist. Popping in to visit the dentist during a break from work would mean that you’d need the practice close to where you work.

Another consideration that may be important to you is finding out what range of treatments they have on offer. If you simply want general dentistry, this search won’t rule out any dentists! However, if you are looking for a dentist who offers a more specific treatment like dental implants, then you can start whittling the list down. And, don’t forget, even though you may not currently require a procedure like implants, you may need them in the future and so choosing a dentist with a wider range of treatments may save you from further searches in the long run.

Some patients like to be aware of payment plans. Checking out what insurances are available or accepted at a dental practice can be a good move. You can also ask to see the price lists and inquire about whether or not they accept NHS patients; you can search for available NHS dental practices on the NHS website.

If you are a nervous patient, you may also like to find out how the practice you are considering deals with dental phobias. Many dental practices will offer to let you come and take a look around so that you can familiarise yourself with the environment before coming in for treatment. Whether you are anxious about visiting the dentist or not, it is certainly a good idea to go in and check out the team. Consider the sort of welcome you get from the reception staff. They are the front of house staff and set the tone for the service you are likely to have. A warm, friendly smile as you walk through the door will certainly make you feel more willing to hang around than being ignored for 10 minutes!

Another important part of your research can be to ask friends, family or work colleagues where they go to. If you love their smile, they may be the right people to ask for trustworthy recommendations, although you can also research other testimonies on the dental practices’ websites.


Meet up

Once you think you have a suitable match, you need to meet your dentist. Many dental practices offer initial consultations so, you can go and have an examination and discuss any concerns you have about your smile and possible treatments with your dentist. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your dentist and start building that important relationship of trust. This will put you on the path to getting the smile you deserve after putting in the effort to find the right dental practice for you. So, get the date in the diary and meet your new dentist!

Can a Basement Floor Be Lowered?

When you’re looking for ways to create additional living space in your Toronto-area home you may want to consider the option of lowering the basement. This basically means lowering the floor to give you a larger area with more head room. This is an ideal option if your current basement is hard to fit into due to its low ceiling. And with limited space and the red tape involved in adding a second story to a home in Toronto, lowering your basement floor and turning it into livable space is a great option.  The key is finding the right home remodeling company that has experience with underpinning.

Basement Lowering (Underpinning) project in Toronto home

How Basement Lowering Works

Basement lowering (also called underpinning) can be achieved by breaking up the existing concrete floor and then removing it. Once the floor has been removed the soil can be excavated to a lower depth. When you’ve reached the exposed foundation footings, the soil can be dug out to the depth of the new floor and footings and foundation walls can then be poured below the footing.

Basement Lowering-Underpinning Project in Toronto

When the extended foundation walls are in place an additional wall can be poured inside foundation’s perimeter which will overlap the top of the footings. This creates something known as a bench ledge and along with the knee wall it strengthens the structure and acts as a retaining wall for the outside soil. Once the extended walls have been completed the basement should be properly waterproofed, usually with interior drain tile, to help keep moisture at bay.

Crushed stone is placed and leveled out and is covered with a reinforcing grid and vapour barrier before the new floor is poured. Lowering your basement floor is an excellent way to make the room livable but it’s not something you can tackle without the aid of a qualified contractor who deals in foundations. The task requires special tools, engineering and construction methods as well as plenty of experience and know-how.

When lowering a basement you may also want to redesign the new space and add drains, a walkout, insulation and stud wall partitions etc at the same time. A building permit is typically required along with drawings from a structural engineer. The two common methods of lowering a basement are benching and underpinning with benching usually being the least expensive of the two. The underpinning method is more common when the homeowner wants to lower the basement floor by about a foot or more.

In some instances when the foundation walls are underpinned the process may disturb the stable soil which supports a neighbour’s footings. If this is the case underpinning may not be the best choice or the neighbouring foundations should also be underpinned at the same time. It’s also a good idea to make sure the new basement floor isn’t under the water table or close to it. The new underpinned wall should be approximately two feet above the water table.

How Do I Prevent Mold in My Basement Cold Room?

Mold in basement cold storage room in Toronto homeDoes your home have a cold room?  If you’re like most homeowners in Toronto, you’re not using as cold storage, but rather to grow and collect mold.  A cold room may sound like a good idea in theory, but they can easily become a breeding ground for mold, which can extent to other areas of your basement and home if left untreated.

So what do you do?

This is not a simple one to crack because there’s no cheap and easy solution. Mold’s needs are simple: these are ambient moisture and an organic, cellulose-based host. Cold rooms are by nature moist. Cellulose is a structural component of all green plants and is most commonly present in wood pulp and cotton fibers. Count yourself fortunate if your cold room is mold free.

Solution 1 – Shut the Cold Room Down

Cold rooms made a lot of sense in Toronto and other cold weather regions before the arrival of modern refrigeration. Folks kept their meat fresh and their greens crisp for longer that way. In that sense keeping mold at bay was worth the trouble. Given the inconvenience of the alternatives outlined below and compared to the solution of another kitchen fridge, this may well be the sensible thing to do.

There could also be better things to do with basement space than wasting it on a cold room which is probably underutilized anyway.  You could turn it into a den or an extra bedroom and add real value to your property. If it’s a small cold room, you can create additional storage space, allowing you to do something great with the rest of your basement. A younger generation buyer could even be put off by something they only half-understand the purpose of. Perhaps it’s time to move with the times.

Solution 2 – Try to Win the Battle with Mold

Mold reproduces at an alarming rate because its seeds called spores are light enough to travel through the air. If you take a cavalier attitude by wiping it away, all you’re doing is spreading it around. Mold also likes to lurk in tight corners where the moisture’s always guaranteed. Breathing in spores can exacerbate bronchial conditions. In other words mold is a potential hazard you should try and get rid of.

Should you decide to go this route but have mild to heavy infestation you are well advised to call in mold professionals. We used a mold removal company in Toronto and they were able to restore the room to working condition. Make sure they barricade the cold room away from the house with polyethylene sheeting and work from outside. Failure to do so can create a real risk of mold migrating to the rest of your home.

Following that remove all mold hosts. Take everything out of the room that’s cellulose-based like wooden shelves and cardboard storage boxes. Paint all surfaces – especially wooden doors, window frames and paneling – with mold resistant paint to stop mold coming back.

Finally, cover the walls and ceiling with moisture-resistant extruded foam insulation to reduce the ambient moisture level as far as possible. This is the expensive part. If you don’t but the panels tightly and caulk the tiniest gap you may as well not attempt the job at all.

Specialist Advice

Given the scope of work involved and the need to get it right first time in view of cost, you may want to consider contracting a mold removal specialist. If you have any questions about your cold room, basement mold, or renovation ideas for that new room in your basement, you can contact us here.




What kind of facial aesthetics treatments are available?

What is facial aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics refers to a group of treatments, which are meant to improve the appearance of certain features of a patient’s face. Facial aesthetics treatments can be carried out by plastic surgeons and dentists who specialised to facial aesthetics. Patients often chose to undergo facial aesthetics treatments to reduce or improve certain signs of aging. Aging is a natural process, which occurs to almost every organism on earth, except certain primitive animals, such as hydras. There is currently research carried out to develop treatments in order to treat the chemical and physiological changes occurring the body with aging, however as of yet none of these treatments are approved or seemingly efficient enough. Until the world’s scientists work out how aging can be treated, only the signs of aging are treatable. Facial aesthetics treatments can help achieve this. If you are interested in getting facial aesthetics treatments in Kent, visit the website of Stangrove Court Dental Practice for more information and contact details to book an appointment.



Botox is one of the most well known facial aesthetics treatments. It has been used by many people, including various celebrities as well. Botox is the abbreviation of botulinum toxin. This is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. These bacteria can sometimes be found in inappropriately tinned food and they can cause serious toxic effects. However, when botox is used in a controlled environment by professionals there are usually minimal risks associated with it and no systemic toxicity occurs. The molecule works by blocking the neuromuscular junctions, which are the junctions where your motor neurons and muscles meet. By blocking these junctions, the aesthetic appearance of the face can be improved and signs of aging can be efficiently reduced. Botox treatments can only be carried out by professionals who specialise to facial aesthetics or cosmetic surgery, as in the hand of charlatans botox can unfortunately become a highly dangerous material. It is therefore very important to only get botox treatments from professionals who are experienced in their field. If you are interested in facial aesthetic treatments in Kent, such as botox, then you should get in touch with Stangrove Court Dental Practice for an appointment.

Lip fillers

Many patients wish to improve the appearance of their lips, but would prefer not to undergo any surgical interventions. For these patients lip fillers are a perfect way of doing so. Aging is also a culprit here: as humans age, the collagen and fat content of the lips decreases annually. This can lead to wrinkles and thinner lips. Lip fillers can help reduce the signs of aging in lips. Formerly, one of the most commonly used materials in lip fillers was collagen, however due to its ability to cause allergic reactions in some patients collagen is rarely used today. Today the most common material found in lip fillers is hyaluronic acid, which is a material found across various tissues of the human body, however it is manufactured from bacteria. Hyaluronic acid can interact with the lips’ water content and help make them appear smoother and more youthful. Make sure you only get lip filler treatments from professionals.

The elderly and dental implants

Times have changed and more people in their later years have become increasingly more active and health-conscious than previous generations. Due to this more active lifestyle, people are possibly not ready nor, in fact, willing to have a loose set of dentures fitted; perhaps they don’t want to have to worry about them falling out or they don’t want to feel limited by the change to their still active lives. Many may feel more confident with a secure set of dental implants. But what freedoms does this treatment offer and what limitations may people, who have lived a long life, expect when getting implants?

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are a long-lasting treatment for missing teeth, no matter the reasons that may result in teeth falling out, whether it be age, injury or decay, it is possible to replace teeth with outstanding results, for a life full of smiles and favourite foods.

Once an unsalvageable natural tooth is properly extracted, a titanium implant can be placed into the jaw bone, in patients with osteoporotic conditions, these implants sometimes have a special coating that releases a silicone compound that helps regenerate the bone in that area. After surgery to place the implant, a waiting period is adhered to in order to give the bone a chance to fuse to the titanium this period can be anywhere from 4-6 months. When this time period has passed and the dentists decided it is safe to move forward a custom-made porcelain crown that matched the other teeth and is a convincing replica of natural teeth is fitted onto the implant giving a secure place in the mouth.

Bone structure of the elderly

There is a noted loss of bone mass in the jaw as people age and more so in menopausal women than in men – women experience a 1.5% loss per year and men only see a 0.9% loss. However, this doesn’t mean that implants are no longer an option; research on the viability of implants for older adults has been conducted, with promisingly high results. By using digital imaging technology, dentists are able to diagnose the quality of bone in each patient and the correct type of implant can be chosen where appropriate.


The fact that that implants are permanent is a key benefit to undergoing this surgery, this permanency means that there is no need for concern that the teeth may fall out at embarrassing moments and life can be enjoyed to the fullest in terms of eating and chewing foods that dentures would find impossible.

Patients can rest in the comfort that their appearance is taken care of because the teeth that implants can support are as real looking and convincing as natural teeth. Patients can maintain good oral hygiene in the same way they did when they were younger because cleaning is done in the same way.

Having healthy strong teeth is an important element of continuing good eating habits, implants may help with this as people get older allowing them to enjoy the longevity which comes with being able to eat a nutritious diet for longer.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Why you should make smiling a big part of your day

There are not many people who do not like the look of an attractive smile yet not many people stop to consider the worth of such a smile. In a world in which we record our lives through the selfie, the aesthetics of straight and aligned teeth has never taken such a hold on our focus and attention. Never has it been more important to place emphasis on a good set of pearly whites to create an impression. An Orthodontist in Harley Street is now the go-to dental professional patients look to when investigating the best treatments to correct crooked teeth.

With first impressions taking on new levels of importance with both young and old in society, British academics have attempted to gauge how significant smiles have become in social and professional contexts. While first impressions have always been of the greatest importance when it comes to interviews and meeting people for the first time. It is now becoming increasingly important as the image of ourselves becomes more and more integrated into a modern lifestyle. With an increasing number of social media platforms embedded in our lifestyles, our visual impressions have more value and stake than ever before.


Why is smiling so important?

Questions are being raised about the economic value of a grin and its influence on human interactions. Researchers are now providing concrete data on the financial impact a good set of teeth can have. Investing in your dentistry early on can be the best investment you make on your future.

An analysis was made by researchers at a UK higher academic institution to uncover to what extent and how smiles, first impressions and mood are linked. To help in this analysis, psychologists considered data collated from over 100 studies that involved more than 11 000 people globally. The findings indicated that people felt happier when they smiled and that frowning and scowling triggered less happy feelings. A good genuine smile, on the other hand, has the power to influence. It can inspire confidence and trust thereby influencing a shopper to buy a product and even spending more money than they initially intended to.

Warm genuine smiles create more positive relationships in the workplace. Research has also shown that they can influence meetings towards more positive, productive and timely outcomes. This ultimately improves productivity and the financial bottom line of companies and business professionals. The value of using smiles to close deals is now legitimately recognised by industry professionals. A beautiful smile and great set of teeth are part of your overall package when you market yourself on any platform. Make the most of it by contacting this dentist without further delay.

Furthermore, the NHS encourages teeth straightening as one of the basic requirements for good overall health. An investment into your teeth alignment is one that will pay dividends in a variety of ways and serve you for a lifetime. It is always best to choose an experienced and qualified dental practitioner such as the team at Harley Street Dental Clinic when choosing to get your teeth straightened or corrected. They provide reliable treatment plans and assured results. Selectivity will help avoid disappointing results and ensure quality and stress-free experience.

Non-invasive treatments to help with appearance

In the past, there were fewer options for procedures that could help to improve the appearance of the skin or to eliminate fat, and fewer still that were non-surgical. Nowadays though, cosmetic skin clinics can offer new and often groundbreaking treatments such as hand rejuvenation, skin hydration and CoolSculpting. All of these treatments are different, and target different areas of the body, but all of them can help you to achieve the appearance that you desire.

Hand rejuvenation

As one would expect, hand rejuvenation is a treatment for the hands. More specifically though, it is a treatment that aims to help dry skin, wrinkly skin and age spots that have developed on the hands over time. This treatment will usually be done using Radiesse or Restylane Skinboosters.

Radiesse is what’s known as a ‘dermal filler’. This means that it is a fluid that is injected into the skin – in this case, into the hands – to cause the skin to increase in volume, which helps to get rid of wrinkles by giving the skin more elasticity. Furthermore, Radiesse contains calcium based micro-spheres, which are useful in getting the skin to produce more of its own collagen naturally. This collagen gives the skin a texture and appearance that is more lifted and contoured.

Restylane Skinboosters use a series of micro injections to inject fluid into the hands. This fluid absorbs water and improves deep skin hydration, giving your hands better firmness and smoothness.

Skin hydration

There are several treatments which aim to improve the hydration of the skin. Many of them use hyaluronic fluid to target and improve the condition of dry skin, as well as improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce the amount of skin imperfections. One such treatment that does this is Juvéderm Hydrate.

Juvéderm Hydrate is an injectable treatment that aims to improve skin hydration specifically in the face, neck, chest and hands. It aims to provide deep hydration within the skin to help it retain a healthy glow. After the injections, you should notice that your skin is more hydrated almost immediately. Furthermore, this treatment has no downtime associated with it and so you should be able to resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment as well.


This is a popular treatment which is designed to decrease the amount of fat across various different areas of the body, in particular, in areas which are resistant to typical methods of diet and exercise. This treatment is also sometimes known as ‘fat freezing’, on account of the fact that it works by cooling and crystallising your body’s fat cells, which causes them to die, this then allows your body to remove these cells as a part of its own natural system. Currently, it is the only FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, non-surgical procedure to reduce fat across the body. Most people will see the continual, long-lasting results of this treatment at around 2 to 6 months after the initial treatment. Furthermore, as it is completely non-surgical, there is usually very little downtime, with most people being able to go to work again the day after receiving treatment.

How could your smile be improved by a dentist in Harley Street?

Maximise your true potential

Everyone wants to make a good, lasting impression.  Whatever the occasion or situation may be, we all want to make an impact and present the best possible version of ourselves to the world.  That being said, a great many of us often feel let down by the appearance of our smiles.  Whether our teeth are stained, discoloured, crooked or overlapping, it can lead to a high amount of stress and anxiety.  However, rather than simply opting not to smile – which, as you can imagine has seriously negative implications your social confidence – those who are self-conscious about the way their smiles look ought to turn to the aid of a dentist in W1 to help them overcome their superficial issues and present a smile to the world that they can truly be proud of.

Cosmetic tooth whitening

One of the most widely requested forms of cosmetic dentistry today, is cosmetic whitening.  This is a process which can have a truly transformative impact on both the smiles and the self-esteem of those who opt for it.  Tooth whitening aims to rid a patient’s teeth of any amount of stains, discolouration or yellowness which may have been caused by a number of things.  As we get older, we often find that the natural enamel of our teeth becomes duller or grey-ish, despite our vigorous brushing habits.  This, sadly, is a natural byproduct of aging and can leave many with a diminished sense of self-confidence. Additionally, those who smoke or excessively consume highly-acidic food or drinks can often find their teeth to become stained or yellowed over time.  Cosmetic whitening however gives patients the power to reverse this dullness and restore their teeth to their natural, whiter beauty.  This is achieved through the application of a peroxide-based gel directly to the front of the patient’s teeth – either within their dental practice, or at home through a dentist approved home-whitening kit. When a thin layer of this gel is applied to the patient’s teeth, the bleaching agent within it begins to eradicate any discoloration or staining to their teeth and bring about the natural whiteness that they desire.

Gum reshaping


Another method of cosmetic dentistry which can help restore the self-esteem of those who require it, is gum reshaping treatment, or a ‘gum lift’.  This is called for in cases where patients gum level is uneven, which results in them having a crooked or ‘gummy’ smile. Those who have uneven gum levels often find it to impede their social wellbeing and ability to interact and smile freely amongst others, as they are often embarrassed over exposing their unshapely gums.  However, through seeking out a ‘gum lift’ the excess gum tissue over a patient’s teeth is removed, either through a painless dental laser or the removal of bone tissue in more severe cases.  Those who undergo this form of cosmetic dentistry generally find it to have a long-lasting impact on them both orally and socially as their gum health is vastly increased – as the risk of Gingivitis or gum disease is greatly reduced – and they no longer have to hide their smiles out of social embarrassment, so they can flourish and enjoy life to the fullest.

Creating beautiful smiles

A dentist in Sydney CBD is always dedicated and confident in providing their patients with new smiles that are aligned to their oral health plan and aesthetic goals.  This means that a range of different treatments can be offered, that when combined, can become a bespoke treatment plan that meets all of a patient’s requirements.

There are three fields of dentistry, preventive, restorative and cosmetic, and oral health care professionals are able to work within these three realms to accommodate all of the needs that a patient has regarding their smile.

Let’s go over them

Preventive care is fast becoming a priority for many modern dental practices where a lot of investments have been made in the development of tools and equipment designed to improve identification of decay and disease in the early stages.  This means that preventive care can be more beneficial to individual patients and combined with bespoke education, can ensure that one’s teeth remain cavity free and are healthy and strong for as long as possible.

Suitable for people of all ages, preventive dentistry can also involve several treatments that aim at protecting teeth when general brushing and flossing may not be as good as it can be.  Young children learn from an early age the importance of brushing, however; it can be difficult to get into those deep grooves in the back-chewing teeth.

Cavities are common in these teeth, so by sealing these deep grooves before decay can strike, dental professionals are ensuring that they are protecting these young teeth from unnecessary damage.

Restorative care is focused on improving the quality of oral health by fixing teeth when needed.  If a tooth becomes injured, diseased or decayed, for a patient’s overall quality of health, something needs to be done about it.  Unless the situation is dire, a dental professional will not extract the tooth but seek to repair it to best functionality where possible.

It is always better to keep original teeth in the mouth for as long as possible, however, every situation is different.  An oral health care professional will discuss the situation with their patient on a case by case basis.

And finally, cosmetic care deals with how a person feels about the appearance of their teeth, and seeks to improve both the health of an individual’s smile and how it looks.  Many professionals who work in this field have an eye for beauty and enjoy bringing out their patient’s true beauty from within.

By making sure that cosmetic treatments look and feel as natural as possible, there is a greater likelihood of a successfully satisfied patient.  Both patient and dentist should discuss the options together so that they are aligned in their plans.

It is important for a patient to discuss goals and plans with staff members at the dental clinic so that everyone is on board with what will ideally happen.  This is particularly important should a patient have some degree of dental fear and is nervous about upcoming consultations or procedures.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.