Correcting misaligned teeth, Invisalign London

Do you hate smiling? Not because you don’t want to but because your teeth are misaligned. You don’t need to be embarrassed or self-conscious of your teeth any more. There are a wide variety of braces designed to correct almost any dental misalignment. Invisalign London is one of the new generations of braces referred to as aligners.

What orthodontic problems can Invisalign Correct?

Invisalign is an option for any one of these dental conditions, crowded teeth, an overbite, an underbite, gaps between teeth, crossbite and many more. The braces today are more targeted and provide numerous alternatives to the original traditional metal braces that were used for decades.

Dental advice is key

It should be obvious that visiting a dentist is paramount to finding a solution to any dental misalignment issue. The orthodontics involved requires a thorough assessment of the condition, the cause and the possible solutions. Our teeth are one of our most valuable assets because they allow us to ensure that whatever we eat is probably masticated. Misaligned or missing teeth pose a problem because if the upper and lower teeth do not meet properly we put a lot of strain on our jaw. Dental direction is extremely vital to the success of any procedure and corrected dental misalignment is no different.

Decades of research

For decades the dental industry has been striving to improve the comfort and efficiency of traditional braces. Today those same old traditional braces are in use but are now far more effective. In addition there are other braces employing the same techniques but made from different materials making them less visible. There is even a brace called a lingual brace which fits onto the inside of the teeth. Aligners are the result of technology and dental science combining to investigate different techniques, materials and equipment to revolutionise the orthodontics of dentistry.

Invisalign – a clear path forward

One of the drawbacks of braces worn on the front of the teeth has always been the fact that they are visible. Invisalign call their aligners trays and are made from a clear multilayer thermoplastic polyurethane dental material. The fact that they are made from this clear material makes them far more attractive to young and older patients alike. They are less detectable and work slightly differently to the traditional braces. A series of personal trays are produced which resemble gum shields. The number of trays required for a treatment depends on the condition but normally about twenty five trays will be necessary. Each tray has a slightly different orientation which gradually moves the teeth towards their target destination. They must be worn for at least twenty two hours per day being removed only to eat, drink, brush and floss. The duration of the entire treatment is also dependent on the condition.

A result to smile about

Once treatment has been completed it is necessary to wear one final aligner which holds the teeth in the new position, giving them time to settle. After about two to three weeks this final aligner can be removed allowing for smiles all round without feeling self-conscious.

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