Dental laminates: myths debunked

If you are looking for a way to whiten your smile without using bleach, or to conceal a gap in between your teeth, you may have stumbled across porcelain laminates in your online research for a way to achieve these goals.

While not a new idea, in recent years, veneers Wagga have become increasingly popular among patients and cosmetic dentists to alter the aesthetics of a person’s smile. But with popularity comes myths and misguided information that can deter patients who may benefit from the procedure from seeking it.

Here, some of the most common myths about porcelain laminates are explored so you can learn the truth about this popular and nifty restorative treatment.

Laminates are weak

When many people think of porcelain as a material they visualise cups and plates which are usually weak when exposed to pressure.

However the porcelain that is used to create laminates is sturdy and can rival enamel in many ways. Laminates do not crack easily, and are often used to support teeth that have been weakened by a procedure such as a root canal or to add strength to a tooth that has had a crown or deep filling fitted to it.

Laminates are too expensive for most people to afford

A common concern that many patients have is that porcelain laminates are too expensive for them to afford.

Luckily many dental surgeries who offer this treatment may also be able to offer you financing options or a payment plan, so you can spread out the cost of the treatment into affordable monthly repayments.

Also when you consider how long porcelain laminates will last (up to 15 years with correct care) they are well worth the money spent!

Laminates stain easily

Many patients who are considering laminates are doing so to whiten their smiles. This treatment is very popular among patients whose teeth are too sensitive to undertake traditional whitening methods.

But you may have read that laminates stain easily; this is not true. Porcelain itself is less porous than enamel and as such, it does not stain as easily or as deeply. And so any whitening effects that are created with porcelain laminates are likely to last longer than those achieved with traditional whitening methods such as bleaching.

Laminates hurt when they are fitted

Actually, the fitting of dental laminates is one of the few cosmetic procedures you can undertake at your dentist that will not cause any discomfort at all!

This is because all that has to happen for a laminate to be fitted to your teeth is a minor sanding of the enamel on the tooth to create a rough surface, and the placement of  dental cement. The laminate is then placed onto the cement and the procedure is completed. No needles or numbing agents are required at all! 

Laminates do not last long

As mentioned earlier, with correct aftercare porcelain laminates can easily last for 15 years. The most common issue which can cause them to fall off is gum disease, so you will need to attend biannual check-ups at your dental surgery to keep an eye out for this condition.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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